Typhoid, Yellow Fever & More!

Today Steve and I went to Kaiser to get three of our four required vaccines.  While in the waiting room at the travel clinic, we enjoyed looking at the world map, and day dreamed about all of the possibilities.  However, as our names were called, each having our turn in “the chair”, reading the brightly colored flyers about each of the vaccines – things are now feeling more real than ever.  Never mind Steve quitting his job over a month ago, so he can focus on more wedding and trip preparations, or me, putting in my notice a few weeks ago – or buying the bags that we will have to carry for months,  and buying new walking shoes for us to break in before we leave. No, this moment right here, reading how Yellow Fever has a death rate of 20-50% of those who get it.  Or, how Hepatitis A can cause yellowing of the skin.  And how Typhoid illness can give you a loss of appetite – and lead me to Google Search Typhoid Mary (my friend, Summer, highly recommended – thanks!) – and let me say, she was disgusting!  But, here we are, at Kaiser, doing the responsible thing, being vaccinated to prevent my WORST CASE SCENARIO from happening.   Between Steve and I, he is the positive thinker, and often brings me back down to sanity.  He held my hand, and smiled, as the loud, overworked, underpaid Nurse gave me all four shots.

How lucky am I, to be traveling with someone who brings me calmness and laughter.

I know there is still lots to do, but I feel like today’s step, was a big one.

7 doses of vaccines!
Steve waiting
Look how excited Steve is for his shots!
Yellow Fever
Steve getting his Yellow Fever Vaccine
List of Vaccines we need
A few more to do before we leave, but this sums up what we need.


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  1. Yay!!! I love these posts. I didn’t know they existed until I saw Steve’s FB post, but now I can binge read all I’ve missed out on! It’s like the Netflix of blogging.

    It’s getting so real! We really need to have a catch up session before you set off. We have so many things to share and need to hear details of your plans! I’ll send you a message, but we’d love to have you, Steve, and Sparky over for dinner/drinks.

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