Things are Starting to Get Real

Well we officially just over one week before we leave.  That is crazy to read.  This trip feels like it has been in the planning stages forever.  Now we actually are going to live it.  We got married almost 3 weeks ago and though I am glad the wedding is over with, I actually wish the celebration had been like 2-3 days long.  We had been planning it for so long, the whole day just went by really fast.  I am glad that we no longer have to think about wedding planning stuff, but I don’t think we took more than 12 hrs off before we started back into trip prep mode.  I do have to say, when you find the right woman you should absolutely marry her.  I am so lucky to be married to my best friend and partner-in-crime.  If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be about to go on this amazing adventure, and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

So for trip prep, our house has been a beehive of activity.  As she previously posted, Andi quit her job a few weeks before the wedding.  I felt like I was doing a good job getting things done after I quit my job, but now that she is home every day to “guide” me, I have become infinitely more efficient.  As I said, we transitioned rather swiftly into trip mode.  We have been purging, donating, selling, trashing, giving away and it feels great.  We sold her 2006 Toyota Corolla within 1 hr of posting on Craigslist.  My motorcycle took a little longer, but went to a great home.  We have been cleaning out our house, one room at a time.  We need to start moving my mother’s stuff in soon (as she will be renting out our house for a nominal fee while she renovates her own), so our stuff needs to either be packed up or gone.  If you have never moved before, I find the whole experience to be quite cleansing.  It really feels like we are preparing for a new chapter in our lives.

These last few weeks have been tough.  We have had dinners/lunches/drinks with old friends/coworkers/family.  It’s hard to say goodbye, but everyone has been so supportive.  Just know that this isn’t goodbye, but until we meet again.  Without all of your support, we wouldn’t be able to take this epic adventure.  We hope that some of you can meet us along the way and share in our adventure.

So for now we are in limbo.  Looking forward to our future travels, while at the same time stressed about getting ready and leaving the familiar.  We know we will be just fine because we have the love and support of so many great people.  Oh by the way, does anyone need any winter jackets?


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