Lunch in the Van Punta Arenas

Patagonia Run – Puerto Natales – Day 21

We made it off Tierra del Fuego and heading… NORTH!  This post will be short, and sweet.


Day 21

If you are counting… 10 days since we showered last.  Yes… I know, disgusting.  Thanks to my clumsiness, I smelled like wine… so wasn’t all bad.  We decided we needed a day to just recoup.  We needed food for our next leg of the trip, fuel, extra fuel in a jug, a shower, clean clothes, wifi and rest.  We are pretty needy on this day.

We found a spot on iOverlander called Yellow Plum Tent.  It is right in central Puerto Natales (only an hour South of Torres del Paine), and close to all the amenities.  Yellow Plum Tent had just opened up in early December, and because of that, the showers were new and so clean.  This is what we American’s might consider suburban camping – camping in someone’s backyard.  For us, we got to park in his driveway and have access to all the amenities:  Wifi, showers, bathrooms, and an outdoor kitchen.  We also were able to find a nearby laundromat that was able to wash EVERYTHING (including bed sheets).  It felt great to be clean, have clean clothes, and a fresh attitude.  We thought our luck had changed, but sadly, the weather was not.  Throughout the day it rained, and the wind was annoying.  Carlos, our host at Yellow Plum tent, was generous to get a pit fire going, which with hot chocolate, then wine, and lively conversations, made the night truly special.  Carlos was born and raised in Punta Arenas, and was a guide for several years at Torres Del Paine National Park.  He had incredible insight into the park, as well as Chilean politics & policies (and American).  It was a good night.


Day 22

We took advantage of the wifi for as long as we could, figured out our driving route, and were on the road by 11AM.


Next Post – Torres Del Paine.


Note – I didn’t have a picture of this day we spent in Puerto Natales, so I am using the photo from our previous visit – me eating cup of noodles, in the cold rain.  Felt it is fitting since Puerto Natales was always cold and wet.


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