Munich, Germany

Munich isn’t a new place for us, we visited a few winters ago and had a GREAT time. The food, the people, the sights and the beer – we love it all. When we were looking into transiting from Ljubljana to Paris, it was a no brainer to plan our train “layover” in one of our favorite cities. Even though we stayed for less than 24 hours, we took full advantage of our Bavarian paradise.


How We Got There and Around

Like I mentioned, we took a train from Ljubljana to Munich (about 6 hours). Time went by quickly and this time our car had a working A/C! Once we got to Munich we walked to our hotel. We ended up taking the U-Bahn once to make it to Marienplatz, but decided the weather was just too nice not to enjoy the walk home.


Where We Stayed

Our train out the following morning was really early, so we opted to stay at a hotel near the train station. It was a bit out of our price range, but we figured it was safer for us to be close to the station and not risk missing our early train ride. Our hotel, although small, was fine for our needs.


Our Favorite Foods

What do you suppose we did – we hit up a Beer Garden, enjoyed sausage and beer. I enjoyed a Radler (what we in the States would call a “Shandy”), which is a German creation of lemonade and beer (The link to the Wiki shares its interesting creation story and is worth a quick read!). Steve went with lager as well as Wiessbier, his favorite German beer type.


What We Did

We were only in Munich for just a few “waking” hours, thus only made it to Marienplatz. Marienplatz is the main city square, and has been since 1158! From the medieval days when tournaments and markets where held – to today, when one of the most celebrated Christmas markets comes alive at Christmas – the market is a happening a place. While here, we were also able to admire (but not hear) the Rathaus-Glockenspiel – the clock only goes off a few times a day and really is a show for the visitors. The plaza also has the Old Town Hall, the New Town Hall and Mary’s Column.

Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall



Our bucket list of travel is getting bigger and bigger, but Munich is always a place we can see ourselves returning to – perhaps one day for Oktoberfest.


What’s Next

Disneyland Paris


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