Paiyun Gate, Summer Palace

Beijing, China

Beijing is China’s capital with a population of 21,700,000 – making it the third most populous city in the world (Shanghai is still #1).  Beijing is packed with cultural gems from China’s rich and dynamic history.  For this reason, we decided to stay in Beijing for 6 days.  Looking back, we have mixed feelings about […]

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Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong, China

After our amazing Hong Kong Disneyland experience, we changed hotels to get closer to the city.  Our stay here was for 5 days, as we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to apply for our Chinese Visa.  I would say that 5 days would be plenty, but during our visit, majority of […]

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Mainstreet USA

Hong Kong Disneyland

Steven and I are Disney park fans.  The obsession for me started as a child, when my family would take summer vacations to Disneyland.  I should also mention that my sisters and would watch Disney movies and sing the songs as we did chores and on car rides.  As a teen and young adult my […]

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